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Puritan Bennett 840 Ventilator

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Puritan Bennett 840 Ventilator

Puritan Bennett 840 Ventilator

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Basic Description Manufacturer: Puritan Bennett Corporation Ventilator Type: Positive Pressure Invasive Conventional Ventilator Class: Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Transport Subacute CPAP BiPAP Patient Population Range: Neonatal Pediatric Adult Characteristics Modes--Invasive: Volume-controlled modes --- ASSIST/CONTROL; SIMV (PSV) Pressure-controlled modes --- ASSIST/CONTROL; SIMV (PSV) General modes --- BiLeveltm Waveforms: Square or descending ramp for ventilator modes and BiPap Operating Range of Controls: Ideal Body Weight (IBW): 7.7 to 330.7 lb (3.5 to 149 kg); Ideal Body Weight automatically creates default settings and alarm limits which can be easily accepted or adjusted. Pressure support (PSUPP):0 to 70 cmH2O; Flow acceleration %: 1% to 100%; Expiratory sensitivity (ESENS): 1% to 45%; Tidal volume (VT): 25 to 2,500 mL; Respiratory rate (f): 1.0 to 100/min; Peak inspiratory flow (VMAX): 3 to 150 L/min for IBW > 24 kg, 3 to 60 L/min for IBW Plateau time (TPL): 0.0 to 2.0 seconds; Inspiratory pressure (PI: 5 to 90 cmH2O; Inspiratory time (TI): 0.2 to 8.0 seconds; I:E ratio: Expiratory time (TE): TE >/= 0.2 second; Pressure sensitivity (PSENS): 0.1 to 20 cmH2O below PEEP; Flow sensitivity (VSENS): 0.5 to 20 L/min; O2%: 21% to 100%; PEEP: 0 to 45 cmH2O; Apnea peak flow (VMAX): 3 to 150 L/min for IBW > 24 kg, 3 to 60 L/min for IBW >/= 24 kg; Apnea inspiratory pressure (PI: 5 to 90 cmH2O; Apnea inspiratory time (TI): 0.2 to 8.0 seconds; Apnea interval (TA): 10 to 60 seconds; Apnea respiratory rate (f): 2.0 to 40/min; Apnea O2%: 21% to 100; Apnea I:E ratio: Apnea expiratory time (TE): TE >/= 0.2 second; Disconnect sensitivity (DSENS): 20% to 95%; Optional software: BiLevel; Low PEEP(PEEPL): 0 to 45 cmH2O; High PEEP(PEEPH): 5 to 90 cmH2O; Low PEEP time(TL): Range: >/= 0.2 seconds; High PEEP time(TH): >/= 0.2 to 30 seconds; Ratio of PEEPH time to PEEPL time (TH):TL): Range 1:299 - 149:1 Graphic Display: The Dual Viewtm liquid crystal display Touch Screen display monitored data separately from ventilator settings. The Sandboxtm screen area lets you set up and review all proposed ventilator and alarm settings before you apply them to your patient. Other monitored factors:; Delivered O%; I:E ratio Integral waveforms include choice of: Pressure-time curve, flow-time curve, volume-time curve, or pressure-volume loop (one or two waveform curves or one pressure volume loop can be displayed at the same time). Pressure volume loot automaticaly calculates inspiratory area. All waveforms can be frozen. Adjustable baseline and vertical/horizontal axis scales. Waveforms are automatically displayed and frozen when you press INSP PAUSE or EXP PAUSE. In INSP PAUSE, the calculated values for compliance, and, when possible, resistance, are displayed after the inspiratory pause. In EXP PAUSE, the measured values for intrinsic and total PEEP are displayed during and after the expiratory pause. Size: Breath delivery unit (BDU): 13" H x 18" W x 10" D (330 mm H x 457 mm W x 254 mm D); Graphic user interface (GUI): 18.1" H x 15.5" W x 6.7" D (460 mm H x 394 mm W x 170 mm D); Backup power source (BPS): 3.25" H x 9.6" W x 10" D (83 mm H x 244 mm W x 254 mm D); Cart: 39.3" H x 22.9" W x 23.7" D (998 mm H x 582 mm W x 602 mm D); Compressor: 16.2" H x 18" W x 14.25" D (417 mm H x 458 mm W x 362 mm D) Weight: Breath delivery unit (BDU): 40.1 lb (18.2 kg); Graphic user interface (GUI): 12.6 lb (5.7 kg); Backup power source (BPS): 14.6 lb (6.6 kg); Cart: 34.2 lb (15.5 kg); Compressor: 69.7 lb (31.6 kg) Other Characteristics: Connectors: Inspiratory limb connector: ISO 22-mm conical male; Expiratory limb connector (on expiratory filter): ISO 22-mm conical male: Air and oxygen inlets: DISS; Oxygen sensor life: Two years or 10,000 hours of use, nominal (actual life depends on operating environment; operation at higher temperature or FIO2 levels will result in shorter sensor life); Gas mixing system: Range of flow from the mixing system: Can be set to 150 L/min standard temperature and pressure, dry (STPD) for patients >24 kg and up to 60 L/min for patients Leakage from one gas system to another: Meets standard EN 794-1; Operating pressure range: 35 to 100 psi (241 to 690 kPa) Characteristics (Non - Technical) List Price: $30000 Warranty Period: 2 years Approvals: IEC 601-1, IEC 601-2, CSA NRTL/C, CSA C22.2 No. 601-1 + Supplement 1, CSA C22.2 No. 601-2-12, UL No. 2601-1, IEC 601-1 + Amendments 1 and 2, IEC 601-1-12 Other Comments: 10,000 hour 2-year warranty (parts and labor) Specifications Front Panel Controls: Ideal Body Weight; Modes: Assist/Control (A/C), synchronous intermittent mandatory ventilation (SIMV), or spontaneous (SPONT), Optional Bilevel; Spontaneous breath types: Pressure supported (PS) or none; Pressure support (PSUPP); Flow acceleration %; Expiratory sensitivity (ESENS); Mandatory breath types: Volume control (VC) or Pressure control (PC); Tidal volume (VT); Respiratory rate (f); Peak inspiratory flow (VMAX); Flow pattern: Square or descending ramp; Plateau time (TPL); Inspiratory pressure (PI; Constant during rate change: Inspiratory time (TI), I:E ratio, or expiratory time (TE); Inspiratory time (TI); I:E ratio; Expiratory time (TE); Trigger type: Pressure (PTRIG) or flow(VTRIG, Flow-byâ flow triggering); Pressure sensitivity (PSENS); O2%; Flow sensitivity (VSENS); PEEP; Apnea ventilation: Apnea mandatory type - volume control (VC) or pressure control (PC); Apnea flow pattern: Square or descending ramp; Apnea peak flow (VMAX); Apnea inspiratory pressure (PI; Apnea inspiratory time (TI); Apnea interval (TA); Apnea respiratory rate (f); Apnea O2%; Apnea I:E ratio; Apnea expiratory time (TE); Disconnect sensitivity (DSENS; Humidification type: Heat-moisture exchanger (HME), non-heated expiratory tube, or heated expiratory tube; Patient circuit type: Pediatric or adult; Integral waveform function: Pressure-time curve, flow-time curve, volume-time curve or pressure-volume loop with adjustable baseline and vertical/horizontal axis scales; Screen lock key: When lit, touching the screen or offscreen controls has no effect until you press screen lock again. New alarms automatically unlock the screen and controls.; Display contrast key: Adjusts screen contrast (monochrome only); Display brightness key: Adjusts screen brightness (monochrome only); Alarm volume key: approximately 45 db(A) to 85 db(A); Alarm silence key: Turns off alarm sound for 2 minutes; Alarm reset key: Clears active alarms or autoresets high-urgency alarms, cancels an active alarm silence, and is recorded in the alarm log; ? key: Displays basic operating information; 100% O2/CAL 2 min key: Delivers 100% oxygen (if available) for 2 minutes and calibrates the oxygen sensor; MANUAL INSP key: Delivers one manual breath to the patient according to the current mandatory settings; EXP PAUSE key: Allows you to measure auto-PEEP (not functional in SPONT, and has no effect during the inspiratory phase of a breath); INSP PAUSE key: Allows you to perform static mechanics manuvers; Knob: Adjusts the value of a setting. A button that is highlighted means that the knob is linked to that setting.; CLEAR key: Cancels a proposed setting; ACCEPT key: Applies proposed settings Power Requirements: Pneumatic Gas Sources: Air and oxygen must be supplied at 35 - 100 psi (241 - 690 kPa); Electrical requirements: Without compressor and with Fisher & Paykel MR730 Humidifier: 120 V ac, 60 Hz; 4.5 A; With compressor and with the same humidifier: 120 V ac, 60 Hz; 10.1 A; Mains overcurrent release: Ventilator: 5 A; Auxiliary mains: 10 A; Note: Above values obtained using the following ventilator settings at 72°F (22°C) ambiant temperature: mode A/C; mandatory type PC; IBW, 85kg; f, 20/min; PSUPP, 30 cmH2O; TI, 1 second; flow acceleration %, 50%; O2%, 50%; PCIRC MAX, 50 cmH2O; PSENS, 3 cmH2O.; Leakage current: Earth leakage current: 120 V ac operation: 300mA max; Enclosure/patient leakage current: 120 V ac operation: 100mA max; Patient auxiliary leakage current: Not applicable; no applied parts; Humidifier leakage current: 220 to 240 V ac operation: 100mA max; 802 Backup Power Source (BPS): 24 V dc, 6.5 Ah; Operating time (for a new, fully charged battery): At least 30 minutes (actual operating time depends on ventilator settings, battery age, and level of battery charge); Recharge time: Automatically recharges within 8 hours maximum while ventilator is connected to ac power; Shelf life: 24 months from date of manufacture; Storage conditions: Store at -4 to 122°F (-20 to 50°C), 25% to 85% humidity, avoid direct sunlight; Recharge requirements: Recharge every 6 months when storage temperature is 5 to 84°F (-15 to 29°C), every 3 months when storage temperature is 86 to 104°F (30 to 40°C), every 2 months when storage temperature is 105 to 122°F (41 to 50°C); Note: BPS battery life specifications are approximate. To ensure maximum battery life, maintain full charge and minimize the number of complete discharges. Alarms: The SmartAlerttm alarm system prioritizes alarms. Alarm Controls: High circuit pressure (PCIRC): 7 to 100 cmH20; High exhaled minute volume (VE TOT): 0.1 to 99.9 L or OFF; High exhaled tidal volume (VTE): 50 to 3,000 mL or OFF; High respiratory rate (fTOT): 10 to 110/min or OFF; Low exhaled mandatory tidal volume (VTE MAND): 5 to 2,500 mL or OFF; Low exhaled minute volume (VE TOT): 0.01 to 60.0 L; Low exhaled spontaneous tidal volume (VTE SPONT): 5 to 2,500 mL or OFF Alarm Status Indicators: Alarms: Loss of GUI; Safety valve open; Ventilator Status Indicators: Backup Power Source (BPS) ready; Ventilator operating on BPS; BPS charged/BPS charging; Compressor ready; Compressor supplying air to the ventilator; Normal operation; Normal BDU operation; Normal operation; Normal BDU operation Other Specifications: Environmental Specifications: Temperature: Operating: 50 to 104°F (10 to 40°C) at 10% to 95% relative humidity; Storage: -4 to 122°F (-20 to 50°C) at 10% to 95% relative humidity; Atmospheric pressure: Operating: 10.2 to 15.4 psi (700 to 1,060 hPa); Storage: 7.3 to 15.4 psi (500 to 1,060 hPa); Altitude: Operating: -1,350 to 10,000 ft (-443 to 3,280 m); Storage: up to 20,000 ft (up to 6,500 m) Monitored Variables : Pressure End expiratory pressure (PE END); End inspiratory pressure(PI END); Maximum circuit pressure (PCIRC MAX); Mean circuit pressure (PCIRC) Respiratory Rate Total respiratory rate (fTOT) Tidal Volume Exhaled tidal volume (VTE) Minute Volume Exhaled minute volume (VE TOT); Spontaneous minute volume (VE SPONT)

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