Medley infusion pump

The Medley infusion pump infuses medication, nutrients or fluids into a patient's circulatory system. The pumps are used intravenously, even though subcutaneous, epidural and arterial infusions are occasionally used. The Medley infusion pump could administer fluids in different ways that would be unreliable or expensive if performed manually by nursing staff.

The infusion pump can produce high but controlled pressures, and they are able to inject controlled amounts of fluids subcutaneously (meaning beneath the skin), or go epidural. Epidural means going just a little within the surface of the central nervous system, which is also popular local spinal anesthesia when delivering a child. There are a few types of Medley infusion pumps, built and based on the user interface requirements. They usually request details on the infusion type the nurse or technician sets up. One of the infusion types is continuous infusion, which usually consists of tiny pulses of infusion, between 500 nanoliters and 10000 microliters, which depends on the infusion pump's design and programmed infusion speed. Another infusion type is intermittent infusion that has a high infusion rate, and alternates with a low programmable infusion rate to maintain the cannula open. The Medley infusion pump also supports one more infusion type which is patient controlled infusion. It is an infusion on demand, commonly built with a preprogrammed ceiling, to avoid intoxication. The infusion rate of Medley infusion pumps is controlled by a pressure button or pad, activated by the patient himself.

The Medley infusion pump can also be controlled or scaled based on the time of the day, which allows circadian cycles.

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