Hill-Rom Advanta Series

The Hill-Rom Advanta Series is a superb hospital bed with a lot of terrific features that include better safety. Advanta Series hospital beds are packed with high-tech features that will not break a company's budget. This is one of the reasons this bed is a terrific choice for home care patients or even teaching facilities, who need a bed with many features. Some of the features will be listed below.

Hill-Rom Advanta Series hospital beds are electric and have an option of positioning the bed hydraulically or manually, in case of a power failure. Their default height is set to 83 centimeters from the ground to allow easy access to the patient. Hill-Rom Advanta Series beds have the casters' diameter 5 inches, to allow clear and smooth transport over obstacles and through doorways. There are two locked in order to prevent unwanted movement. These hospital beds are fully equipped with everything that makes it easy for the patient to reduce movements. Some of the helpful things placed on the bed include Trendelenburg gauge, radiolucent window as well as in-bed scale to decrease a patient's activity. Hill-Rom Advanta Series also include removable headboards, footboards, bed scales, defibrillator trays, fracture fittings, isolation transformers, double insulation, lifting poles and handles, which all can be helpful during cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Since Hill-Rom offers different hospital bed types, some healthcare facilities may not need all of the features, so all future buyers can work things out with the company in order to lower prices. The important thing to remember is that your patients will be thankful for providing them safe and complete hospital bed.

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