Alaris point of care

The Alaris point of care unit is the essence of the already known Alaris System that provides a common user interface for monitoring modules and programming the infusion. It helps in reducing complexity at the point of care. The Alaris System previously had a name Medley System.

The Medley Safety Medication System represents a modular infusion and monitoring system which has been designed to offer the best monitoring capabilities and accuracy, automated infusion of a variety of medications, intravascular fluids and blood products. The Alaris point of care consists of the Programming Module, the Guardrails Safety Software and also detachable channels (or modules), which provide monitoring and infusion capabilities. The Alaris system is meant to be used in healthcare facilities and hospitals on neonatal, pediatric and adult patients. The Alaris point of care includes many features like the battery run time display, which locates, on the main display prompt bar. If this feature is on, it will provide a visual estimation of the remaining battery. The system also allows easy handling with a help of a full range of visual and audio alarms, prompts and advisories. Another helpful thing is the Guardrails Software Prompts, which has been designed to help in preventing programming errors by customizing settings to meet the individual needs of each hospital area or unit.

Another great thing about the Alaris point of care is that its clamps adapt to a variety of difference surfaces, to provide versatility. Those pole clamps include features like ergonomically designed knob and horizontal or vertical orientation, which allows it to adapt to both bed rails and IV poles. The Alaris point of care device is a genuine treasure that each hospital area should possess.

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