Alaris Medley

Alaris Medley infusion pumps are used in hospitals, to create a secure and controlled environment for delivering medication or other fluids. Previous infusion pumps used to deliver too much of the prescribed fluid due to manufacturing defects, which could potentially result in a serious or even a fatal injury.

The Alaris Medley pumps are usually used through intro-arterial, intravenous or epidural. This is the new generation of infusion pumps that daily helps a number of people to get their medications. Many of infusion pumps before the Alaris Medley came, used to be recalled because a lot of experts believed that they contained reassembled springs, which has a purpose of controlling the flow of medication. The main problem before was that those springs seemed to be bent, nested, missing or broken, which may result in too much fluid or medication delivered. The Alaris Medley infusion pumps are technically more advanced now than ever before. One of the main problems that have been solved is over infusion, which is difficult for any healthcare provider to detect, since there is no alert or warning that would tell the provider about it. Consequences of over-infusion are multiple and can often cause other problems, as well. Extra fluid or medication circulating in the body can be a main cause of high blood pressure. Pulses might also feel stronger than usual, while neck veins may become distended from the extra amounts of fluid.

Using Alaris Medley infusion pumps will guarantee that no more patients end up with edema, shortness of breath, high blood pressure, mental changes or decreased urination.

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