Alaris IV pump

Being healthy and able to be there for your family gives meaning to your life. That feeling cannot measure up to anything, and that is why we need to equip hospitals with the best and the smartest medication systems. The Alaris IV pump is the most comprehensive medication safety system which is extremely attractive to all of the top hospitals around the world. It is the smartest integrated system which allows protecting each infusion and each patient, every time.

Once asked, all people would say that their health is of the biggest importance to them and their family, so each of those people would bet on the safest device on the market. The Alaris IV pump has been on the market for a while, but before that, hospitals have been traditionally turning to a variety of infusion pumps from different manufacturers in order to protect infusions. This practice may have led to unnecessary exposure, which could negatively, impact a patient's outcomes, safety and clinical workflow. Then, the Alaris IV pump came on the market, and many hospitals decided to take this pump as their new safety system, and presented it to their patients. The IV pump has been built on a modular platform, and its top notch software gives hospitals safety that goes beyond being just dose error reduction.

The Alaris pump is the only smart pump which can protect every infusion. That also includes chemotherapy and antibiotics, and all infusion modalities along with a large volume pump, syringe and PCA. Owning the Alaris IV system will help in achieving the goal of standardization for each caregiver who decides to use it.

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